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Electric Bikes

Finnimore's on Sanibel Island

Unleash the true spirit of island living by opting for an electrifying adventure on our cutting-edge eBikes. Picture yourself effortlessly gliding along the scenic coastline, the salty breeze tousling your hair as you explore the hidden gems of the island. With our eBikes, you can cover more ground without breaking a sweat, leaving you with ample energy to revel in the sun-soaked beaches and vibrant local culture. Whether you’re cruising along sandy shores, meandering through quaint villages, or ascending panoramic viewpoints, our eBikes provide an eco-friendly and invigorating way to immerse yourself in the beauty of the island.

Sanibel Island, Captiva, & Fort Myers Beach

E-Bike Rentals

Break free from the constraints of traditional transportation and let our eBikes redefine your island adventure. With their powerful yet silent electric motors, you can seamlessly weave through narrow pathways, delve into lush landscapes, and discover secluded coves that are off the beaten path. Our eBikes cater to all levels of riders, offering customizable assistance levels to accommodate both thrill-seekers and leisurely explorers.

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Minimum one day or longer rental

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E – Bike$60$90$140$180$300$500

Bikes & Trikes

Cruise the island on two or three wheels.


Adventure on our high-tech eBikes


Enjoy a casual cruise on the Sanibel waters.

Beach Equipment

Rent beach essentials like chairs and umbrellas.


Hop on a paddleboard and hit the water.

Aqua Lily Pad

A Water Playground for the Entire Family

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$30/Week - One Speed Bikes

$55/Week - Multi-Speed Bikes

FREE Child Seats - FREE Bike Helmet - FREE Lock
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